Been working in IT since 1986 (the year I left high school), this was before the internet and even before Windows!

I started with dBase II, then moved onto dBase III, FoxBase, FoxBase+ and then FoxPro. Around this time Windows was starting to become popular and FoxPro for Windows was released. This was becuase Microsoft purchased Fox Software. Didn’t really do a lot with FoxPro for Windows as your apps didn’t run like native Windows apps, they just didn’t have the same look and feel. Started getting into Visual Basic then and it wasn’t until Visual FoxPro came out (and I moved jobs) that I went back to it.

Once Microsoft gave up on FoxPro, I moved back over to Visual Basic and carried on for a long time using that. The .Net version was just coming out when I seem to move into a more support role (so I never really touched .Net apart from a few intro books).

Nowadays I am giving app developement a go using Swift, I have done a few apps/games using Lua on the Corona SDK (now called Solar2D).