Lua source code for my Character Creations children's app

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Lua source code for my Character Creations children's app

This is the first game/app that I written using Lua and published using Corona SDK. It took around 3 weeks to develop and over the next few months I slowly added other characters.

I removed the review button due to COPPA in the US and the use of parental gates, I thought the easiest way was to just stop it working and popup a message.

This still uses StoryBoard and not Composer but wouldn't take long to swap over. The app runs on the FREE version of Corona SDK and has been tested with version 2511 and works fine. It does run in V1 compatibility mode, so if any graphics 2.0 features are needed, some work would need to be done beforehand.

I do have permission to include the graphics as I purchased them with a exteneded license, but please do not use them in anything your are releasing.

We are kinda giving up on the whole Corona thing and learning Swift, so decided to start releasing the source code to our games and apps. Probably not the best code in the world but might get some one started on a project. I haven't looked at Corona for a while so there could be a better way doing stuff instead of how I have done it.

The version I have on the App Store has been extended with extra characters and can be downloaded from these App Stores -

Google -

Amazon UK -

Amazon US -

Apple -

The code wasn't modified to run on Android devices, it's identical.